We met Ismael outside of the Puerto Rican Beneficial Society, a social club on the Southside of Bethlehem. He snuffed out his cigarette and said hello to the women cooking in the kitchen and to the people seated around the bar, which was lined by red lights. Ismael had invited a few of his friends, who were, like Ismael, older puertorriqueños who had come to Bethlehem in the 50’s and stayed ever since. He showed us pictures of himself all gussied up and standing next to a 60’s Ford, telling us he dressed in a suit and tie every day in those early years the U.S., except when he was working in the steel mill.

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2 Responses to Ismael

  1. Skip Hire says:

    He made a living in Bethleham because he believes that there could be a better life for him there and he was indeed right. He fell inlove with the place and chose to build a life there.

  2. ecleveland says:

    Follow-up interview with Ismael next week…I’m excited!

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